Kerygma University

At Kerygma University, we are dedicated to fostering a nurturing, faith-driven environment that empowers you to fulfill your divine calling. As a reputable institution, our mission is to provide a holistic educational experience, rooted in spiritual growth, intellectual enrichment, and community engagement. Your journey towards a profound understanding of God’s Word and His plan for your life starts with a simple admissions process, unified with Kairos University, our esteemed partner in this divine endeavor.

Admissions Process:

We offer a streamlined admissions procedure, ensuring an effortless transition into your spiritual and academic journey while keeping the costs affordable. Students seeking to attend Kerygma University must apply through our application portal. For students interested in pursuing one of the accredited programs offered by Kairos University, Kerygma will help facilitate the application process for admission into Kairos University on your behalf. This process simplifies your entrance into both Kerygma University and Kairos University, reflecting our shared vision in nurturing a generation of spiritually enlightened, socially responsible leaders.

Here’s how to Apply:

  1. Begin your application by visiting the Kerygma University application page and completing the application for admission.
    If accepted to Kairos University, you will receive an official acceptance letter from them indicating you have been admitted.

    Note: There is a $50 non refundable application fee.

Once accepted as a Kairos University student, you will be eligible to also attend Kerygma University and pursue your spiritual and intellectual growth with us. Your selection of Kerygma University reflects your pursuit of a spiritual and intellectual foundation grounded in Pentecostal values. We eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you into our community of passionate learners and devout believers, united in the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Join us in this sacred venture, and let’s explore the boundless possibilities that await in the service of the Lord. Your adventure in faith and learning is just a click away. Together, we shall foster a spiritually enriched society, armed with the knowledge and virtue to transcend earthly challenges, embodying the Kerygma spirit in every endeavor.

Welcome to Kerygma University, where your faith meets your future.

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