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A general overview of the degree program.


Prerequisite: Masters Degree or Equivalent
Requirements: Completion of 45 credits
Format: Directed Reading and Dissertation

The Doctor of Education in Christian Education (Ed.D.) program is a rigorous educational journey designed to equip students with a profound understanding of education within a Christian context. Throughout this program, students will attain a solid foundation in the literature and application of education, with a particular focus on educational philosophy, history, curriculum development, and instructional strategies. They will also develop the capability to engage in dynamic and innovative teaching approaches, fostering active participation in both academic and pastoral settings, thus promoting effective learning experiences. Additionally, the program offers an advanced and critical grasp of educational theory and practice, specifically in relation to local church and other ministry environments, enabling graduates to address contemporary educational challenges with expertise. Graduates of this program will emerge with proficiency in advanced-level ministry skills, ensuring they are well-prepared to contribute significantly to their ministry roles.

Degree Curriculum

The core courses that make up the substance of the degree program.

In order to graduate with a Doctor of Education in Christian Education (Ed.D.), the student must satisfactorily pass the following courses plus 24 credits of electives:


Ed.D. in Christian Education Core Curriculum

21 Credits
  • Survey of Christian Education (3)
  • Theological Approaches to Christian Education (3)
  • Theological Foundations and Christian Education (3)
  • Theological Foundations and Christian Education II (3)
  • Effective Bible Teaching (3)
  • Christologically Centered Teaching Methods (3)

Ed.D. in Christian Education Elective Curriculum

24 Credits
  • Foundations of Ministry Leadership (3)
  • Adult Christian Education Strategies (3)
  • Spiritual Dynamics in Ministry (3)
  • Christian Education in Small Churches (3)
  • Innovative Christian Teaching Methods (3)
  • Christian Education Program Administration (3)
  • Inspirational Christian Teaching (3)
  • Advanced Childhood Christian Education (3)
  • Future Directions in Christian Education (3)
  • Contemporary Christian Education Approaches (3)
  • Child Spirituality Development (3)
  • Religious Education Planning (3)
  • Young Adult Religious Education (3)
  • Crisis Management in Youth Ministry (3)
  • 21st Century Christian Education Foundations (3)
  • Volunteer Management in Ministry (3)
  • Child Ministry Approaches (3)

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