Kerygma University

Kerygma University is a Contextualization Partner of Kairos University

As a contextualization partner, Kerygma University provides local mentors, learning resources, and academic support for Kairos students.

Customizable, Outcome-oriented Education with a Flat Monthly Tuition

The design of Kairos provides students with flexible learning opportunities facilitated through contextually integrated educational moments and adaptable assignments. Kairos students learn and grow under the supervision of a mentor team, by the direction of faculty, and through participation in a cohort-based community of learning. The Kairos educational journey is oriented toward outcomes, and coursework can be customized in light of a student’s needs and calling. A flat monthly tuition fee provides access to nearly every learning experience and resource in the Kairos network.

What is Competency Based Theological Education (CBTE)?

Competency-based theological education is an approach to education in which learner formation is rooted in contextualized standards of excellence, shaped by the recognition that the act of knowing requires the integration of content, character, and craft, and evaluated in the context of team-based mentoring. Therefore, learner progression is marked by the observable demonstration of integrated knowing rather than by time, input, or curricular stages. Furthermore, quality is measured by learner outcomes rather than assumed based on the path, resources, or people engaged in the formational journey.

What do students in Kairos CBE (we say CBTE) programs do?

Students are enrolled in an online CBTE course at all times. They might take different amounts of time to complete a given course (a hallmark of CBE), but they must demonstrate proficiency in every course in order to graduate. 

While enrolled in that course, they will participate in multiple learning experiences and those may take many different forms (synchronous online, asynchronous, project-based, work-integrated, peer learning, intensives, Kinesthetic learning, etc.). They may also leverage learning experiences from various partner organizations (like Kerygma University). Their engagement is guided by Kairos faculty and the assessment leverages team-based mentoring.

Each online CBTE course has an outcome statement, indicators of proficiency, inputs, interactions, and a master assessment.

Kairos Degrees and Credit Hours

For Kairos Partnered degrees and programs, you will enroll in the program through Kairos University and participate in your courses online. Kerygma University will provide you with local mentors, learning resources, and academic support. Your degree will be granted by Kairos University.

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