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A general overview of the degree program.


Prerequisite: High School Diploma or GED
Requirements: Completion of 120 credits
Format: Kairos Project at Kairos University

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice is a flexible and transformative program that aims to cultivate faithful citizenship in God’s kingdom and encourage theological reflection on one’s vocation. Through a comprehensive curriculum covering various disciplines, students gain a deep understanding of Christian thought, practice, and the human experience. The program emphasizes the development of vocational excellence and offers opportunities for students to integrate real-life situations into their learning experiences. Small group reflection sessions provide practical application of theoretical knowledge, and upon completion, students can pursue further study at the master’s or doctoral level.

Degree Curriculum

The core courses that make up the substance of the degree program.

In order to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice (BACTP), the student must satisfactorily pass the following courses:


B.A. Christian Thought and Practice Core Curriculum

30 Credits
  • Starting Well (3)
  • Continuing Well (3)
  • Life Skills: Personal Finance (3)
  • Life Skills: Critical Thinking (3)
  • Research and Communication I: Research Skills (3)
  • Research and Communication II: Written Communication (3)
  • Understanding and Working with Others I: Exploring Psychology (3)
  • Understanding and Working with Others II: Exploring Sociology (3)
  • Context and Culture I: Exploring Culture (3)
  • Context and Culture II: Exploring Context (3)
  • Contextual Project I (3)*
  • Contextual Project II (3)*
  • Vocational Project I (3)
  • Vocational Project II (3)
  • Personal Initiative I (3)
  • Personal Initiative II (3)
  • Context for Vocation I (3)
  • Context for Vocation II (3)
  • Context and Interpretation I (3)
  • Context and Interpretation II (3)
  • Reflection in Community: BA I (3)*
  • Reflection in Community: BA II (3)*
  • Knowing Yourself I (3)
  • Knowing Yourself II (3)

B.A. Christian Thought and Practice Major Curriculum

30 Credits
  • Vocation I (3)
  • Vocation II (3)
  • Learning and Thinking Skills I (3)
  • Learning and Thinking Skills II (3)
  • Christian Spirituality I (3)
  • Christian Spirituality II (3)
  • Interpreting Biblical Texts I (3)
  • Interpreting Biblical Texts II (3)
  • Biblical Literacy I (3)*
  • Biblical Literacy II (3)*
  • Coherent Theology I (3)*
  • Coherent Theology II (3)*
  • Christian Tradition I (3)*
  • Christian Tradition II (3)*
  • Christian Ethics I (3)
  • Christian Ethics II (3)

*Master’s-Level Integration
The Bachelor of Arts can integrate with either the Kairos Master of Divinity or Kairos Master of Arts program. The first 30 hours at the master’s level for Kairos Degrees also count for the corresponding BACTP courses.

A 60-credit Associate of Arts consists of 8 General Education courses (24 cr.), 6 Personal Development courses (18 cr.), and 6 major courses (18 cr.). Course of study available by request.

A Partnered Degree

For this Degree Program, Kerygma University serves as a Contextualization Partner for Kairos University

Kairos University is a global system of theological education that provides opportunities for students to build entirely customized educational journeys that are affordable, accessible, relevant, and faithful. The University has a campus in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with offices throughout the United States and Canada, partnerships with organizations around the world, and students from nearly every continent.

For this Degree Program, Kerygma University serves as a contextualization partner of Kairos University ( We provide local mentors, learning resources, and support for Kairos students. This partnership creates a path for past, current, and future Kerygma students to pursue an accredited degree through Kairos University while staying connected to Kerygma University. It’s a Kingdom-collaborative partnership!

Kairos University holds regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and national accreditation from the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). Both accrediting agencies are recognized by the US Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education (CHEA) and are widely recognized and highly respected globally.

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