Kerygma University

At Kerygma University, students receive a faith-based education with academic excellence. Our undergraduate degree programs provide a well-rounded education for students seeking to serve God in their future vocations.

Our Undergraduate Degree Programs are tailored to develop our students and equip them with a comprehensive understanding of scripture, strong leadership abilities, and the ability to effectively counsel others from a Christian perspective. No matter your field of study, this program will provide you with the essential knowledge and tools to apply in your personal life and ministry. Enroll now and take the next step in your faith-filled journey.

Kairos Project at Kairos University

Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice (BACTP) is a flexible and transformative program that aims to cultivate faithful citizenship in God’s kingdom and encourage theological reflection on one’s vocation. Through a comprehensive curriculum covering various disciplines, students gain a deep understanding of Christian thought, practice, and the human experience. The program emphasizes the development of vocational excellence and offers opportunities for students to integrate real-life situations into their learning experiences. Small group reflection sessions provide practical application of theoretical knowledge, and upon completion, students can pursue further study at the master’s or doctoral level. This degree is offered through the innovative Kairos Project at Kairos University.