Kerygma University

About the University

Kerygma University is a premier institution for Christian Higher Learning in the 21st Century and Beyond. As part of the Kerygma Educational System, the University serves the broader mission of  “Quality Distance Education, for the World” by implementing Competency Based Theological Educational Programs for the benefit of the Church and the World.

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About Our Founder

Bishop Christopher Bryant, PhD

Founder and chief visionary, Bishop Chris is the driving force behind the Kerygma Educational System, which is a consortium of schools created for the purpose of empowering Christian leaders through education. He loves to keep his hands full by participating in the development of the technology behind the schools, the implementation of courses within the school, and research and development, all to ensure “Quality Distance Education, For the World”

Education & Salvation
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Elder Mae Hodge – 

Pastor, House of God Church Keith Dominion – Cleveland,Ohio